How to enjoy your candle safely

Candle Safety

There are certain safety measures which have to be adhered to when burning any candle. The most notable and obvious is that as a candle has a naked flame then it should never be left unattended. I would even go so far as to say it should always be within site just in case any mishaps occur.

A candle should never be placed on a surface which is not heat resistant. I use a toughened glass disc or an ashtray to sit my container candles on. That way, when the container heats up it will not damage any surfaces.

It should never be placed in a draft as this can cause the flame to flare and soot.  If this happens it is better to extinguish the candle, either with the lid or a flame snuffer and move to a less draughty location. Even walking by the candle can cause a draft. Never use water to extinguish.

Never leave children or pets near a candle. The wax melt pool and container can become very hot and children and pets may accidentally knock it over causing scolding or a fire.

Trim the wick to 1/2 cm before each burn to ensure the flame is not too large. Always make sure the surface is free from wick trimmings and debris as these can catch fire.

It’s is advisable to discard your candle with 1 cm of wax remaining at the bottom as the remaining wax can catch fire when the wick has burned down too low.